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At Tango, we believe there is no substitute for real flavor, no compromise in the real deal. Authentic spices imported from Argentina coupled with locally grown, fresh herbs make a mouth watering recipe even your Argentine friends will appreciate! Tango Chimichurri is truly authentic Argentine BBQ sauce made just for you by an authentic Argentinean! We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mariana Leimontas
Mariana Leimontas
Suzie Holzinger
Tango Chimichurri, Minneapolis, MN


Why Chimichurri? And why in Minnesota?

Mariana brought this authentic recipe with her from Argentina nearly ten years ago and she’s been making it for family and friends ever since. We’ve joked about bottling up her famous sauce only because she could never find anything like it here. Our friends finally DEMANDED that we send Chimi out into the world. We all agreed and the next day, Tango Chimichurri was born. Call us crazy, we just think you might like it too.

SO What can you do with it? Argentine’s traditionally use Chimichurri as a steak sauce and for grilling other meats like chicken and chorizo (sausage). But Folks here in the states have found that it tastes amazing on almost anything! Perfect for grilling steak, chicken, fish and other meats. Outstanding on vegetables (and vegan too). Mix in sauces or pasta, brush on bruschetta. It’s great for dipping and as a sandwich spread. Baked Potatoes, Pizza, you name it. A sauce, marinade and dressing all in one. Check out our recipe ideas!

Tango Chimichurri is: Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, No Sugar, No Allergens, No MSG, No Carbs, Very low Sodium, Vegan….. And my dad still likes it.

Suzie and Mariana are also owners of Fusion Technologies, a web development and design company in South Minneapolis.


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